viernes, 30 de octubre de 2009

Take the GreenGov Challenge!-"We are calling on Federal employees..."-MAY BE ALL US CITIZENS AND MORE... ( SAVE or PRODUCE ENERGY??? )

PHILADELPHIA MAYOR MICHAEL NUTTER-Will Urge Senate to Act on Energy & Climate Legislation AND Support LOCAL!!!!! Climate Protection Efforts

SOUTH AFRICA-LOCAL!!!!!! renewable-energy industry must consolidate to advance ( VIDEO )

SOUTH AFRICA-Trustees need a bigger say in risks, says GEPF

UK Pensions Regulator investigation finds mixed standards in DC pre-retirement literature


Senate Committee: Target date funds may harbour conflicts of interests

US policy makers introduce funding relief bill

New Federal Power Urged Over Municipal Bond Sales

US municipal mkt seen becoming casualty of deficits

Full Committee hearing entitled, “Legislative Hearing on S. 1733, Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act-Michael Nutter,Mayor City of Philadelphia

The New Energy Frontier

jueves, 29 de octubre de 2009

GreenGov Challenge: A Special Message from the Vice President ( VIDEO )-SAVE or PRODUCE ENERGY???

Do Green Jobs Create Greener Americans?

Jobs at Solar Energy Jobs;country=United+States

At Solar Conference, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Sees Tide Turning For Clean Energy

Valencia albergará la conferencia euromediterráneapara el desarrollo de la energía solar

U.N. Climate Chief Says Money for Poorer Nations Is Key to Copenhagen

SOUTH AFRICA-Newly launched initiative to strenghten solar research capabilities

French ( SPANISH??? ) Agency Loans 120m Euros for South African Renewable Energy

Alliance for Rural Electrification and World Future Council become Partners[tt_news]=88&tx_ttnews[backPid]=43&cHash=743515c734

EE UU adapta la red eléctrica para apostar por las renovables

Federal Agencies Enter an Agreement Regarding Transmission Siting on Federal Lands

The Recovery Act and Clean Energy ( PHOTO )

Only A Few Days Left!!!-SAVE or PRODUCE ENERGY???

Is EPA jumping gun!!! on climate bill?

Dell plants solar trees in the parking lot

España participa con más de treinta empresas en la feria solar más importante de EEUU

Developing Countries Will Prove a Booming Solar Market, Industry Panelists Say

China steps up climate diplomacy

US, China huddle for high-level trade talks

Obama mulls trade partner change-up

US CHAMBER-U.S. Chamber to Lead Trade Delegation to Europe

US CHAMBER-U.S. Chamber Files Civil Complaint to Protect Trademark and Intellectual Property from Unlawful Use

Why We Closed the Revolving Door

White House Wooing Business Execs on Cap and Trade

US CHAMBER-A Transition plan for securing America’s Energy Future

NAM-Economic Impact of the Waxman-Markey American Clean Energy and Security Act

Senate climate bill will raise gasoline prices, domestic oil refiners say

Senate Global Warming Bill Is Seeking to Cushion the Impact on Industry

Full Committee hearing entitled, “Legislative Hearing on S. 1733, Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act.”

Economics of climate change in forefront

Climate bill forecast: Cloudy???

Baucus opposition chills climate bill???

Live Blogging: White House Energy Forum ( TRANSCRIPT )

Streaming Live at 9:30: Clean Energy Economy Forum with Secretary Chu and Carol Browner

The Smart Grid: Creating Jobs, Saving Energy and Cutting Electric Bills ( VIDEO )

martes, 27 de octubre de 2009

President Obama remarks about alternative energy sources and energy research grants funded by Recovery Act at the DeSoto Next Generation Solar (VIDEO)

Solar Industry Takes on Coal and Oil Lobbies

Annie, Get Your Gun: The Solar Industry’s Call to Arms

Calif. utility wants to buy more solar power

SOUTH AFRICA-Nersa to approve renewable energy tariff guidelines this week

SOUTH AFRICA-Newly launched initiative to strenghten solar research capabilities

Solar heads to developing world

Micro loans bring light to rural poor

Boxer, Kerry Say U.S. Climate Bill Will Create Jobs

Administration Steps Up Efforts on Climate Bill

Get Smart: Team Obama’s $3 Billion Smart Grid Push

Obama announces $3.4 billion in grants for smart grid

Obama Announces $3.4 Billion in ‘Smart-Grid’ Grants

lunes, 26 de octubre de 2009

Good ideas from good people; GreenGov Challenge rounds final turn with nearly 6,000 sustainability suggestions-SAVE or PRODUCE ENERGY!!!

Marketing Campaign Suggests Solar Is Sexy!!!

Solarworld Shares Gain After Merkel Retreats on SOLAR Cuts ( LYNKS )

Battery CHARGES - SOLAR CHARGES to Buy, CHARGES to Hack, And Concept CHARGES to Wait For

Europeans Dream of a 'SUPERGRID,' but Many Wires Need Connecting

Obama plans big SMART grid announcement

UNITED NATIONS-Public finance can scale up climate investment!!!!

DOL Interpretive Bulletin Relating to Investing in Economically Targeted Investments

DOL Interpretive Bulletin Relating to Investing in Economically Targeted Investments

CII Correspondence-Public finance can scale up climate investment???

Markey Expands ACCCE Investigation From Forged Letters to Lobbying Disclosures

Lobbying Disclosure Forms Don't Tell Full Story

The Plots Thicken in Senate Climate Deliberations

Senate panel begins work on climate bill

Full Committee hearing entitled, “Legislative Hearing on S. 1733, Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act.”

US Committee on Environment and Public Works-OCTOBER HEARINGS!!!

S. 1733, Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act

Senate's climate bill a bit more ambitious???

Good ideas from good people; GreenGov Challenge rounds final turn with nearly 6,000 sustainability suggestions!!!

domingo, 25 de octubre de 2009

Take the GreenGov Challenge!!!!-SAVE or PRODUCE ENERGY???

Vice Pres. Biden Remarks on Green Jobs and Middle Class Energy Savings AND ENERGY PRODUCE ? ( VIDEO )

DHS Supports the GreenGov Challenge

Sharon Burke, Center for a New American Security, Vice President of Natural Security ( VIDEO )

Green Economy Means Green Jobs At Home AND WORLDWIDE!!! ( VIDEO )

Weekly Address: Working with Small Business to Drive Recovery ( VIDEO )

Financial Innovation We Can Believe In?-"or even, in some cases, putting solar panels on their roofs to generate their own electricity"

President Obama lights up MIT-Calls for America to lead the world in clean energy ( VIDEO )

Obama Presses Case for Renewable Energy

U.S., Chinese, U.K. Lawmakers Agree on Steps to Cut Emissions

China, India Forge Alternative to UN Climate Treaty???-"were supported by international finance and the transfer of technology from developed nations"

Lawmakers Emphasize Solid IP Position Leading up to Copenhagen

Lawsuits point to climate change litigation threat

viernes, 23 de octubre de 2009

Take the GreenGov Challenge!

Study Sees Solar Costs Declining

U.S. lab says 2008 pivotal year for solar costs

Solar recovery to start, but 2010 outlook dim

Joe Biden to Solar Power the USA With Berkeley First Municipal Tax Assessment Financing

Instalan 30 megavatios fotovoltaicos en dependencias publicas de Sevilla

Industria inscribe en el sistema de primas a las renovables otras 53!!!? nuevas instalaciones

Miguel Sebastián anuncia la constitución del Observatorio de Internacionalización


Firms take fire in war on Chamber


Power Plants Will Face New U.S. Pollution Rules, Groups Say

African leaders emphasise plight of 'environmental refugees'

Europe Is Divided Over Climate Payments

White House encouraged by climate bill progress

Climate bill crunch time

jueves, 22 de octubre de 2009

Watch, Discuss, ENGAGE!!!! at 12:30: Clean Energy Economy Forum

Una misión de 12 empresas de energía fotovoltaica viaja a California,6558,5518394_5519005_6366453_4258528_-2,00.html

Recovery Through Small Business

World Insurers Unite to Cover a Green Economy

ClimateWise calls for 40% emission cuts by 2020 to control the risks arising from climate change

Adviser group urges Congress to keep ‘authentic' fiduciary standard

ADB grants CHINA $500K for rural pension scheme

China, India Making Progress on Emissions? ( VIDEO )

China, India Forge Alternative to UN Climate Treaty ( VIDEO )

China, U.S. leaders push climate change cooperation

China and U.S. Try to Speed Global Climate Strategy

US CHAMBER-The Nexus of Climate Change and Trade:Don’t Break the Rules!!!?

Rift between Obama and Chamber of Commerce widening

CEOs no longer refute climate change???

SOLAR and AUTOMAKES Unite in Tough Times

Take the GreenGov Challenge!- SAVE or PRODUCE ENERGY???

miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2009

Over 1,000 GreenGov Ideas and Counting!!!!!!

DOE Used Solar Contest as 'Smart Grid' Proving Ground

Are Solar Panels Really Black? And What Does That Have to Do With the Climate Debate????

Two States, Two Paths to Clean Energy

Why We Bar Lobbyists from Agency Advisory Boards and Commissions!!!!

Will the Real Chamber of Commerce Please Stand Up? ( VIDEO )

CEOs no longer refute climate change

Companies quitting US Chamber over climate stance!!!

Ceres' Lubber discusses investor community's role in Senate climate debate ( VIDEO )

So Sue ‘Em: Circuit Court Says Katrina Victims Can Sue Over Global-Warming Damages!!!

SEC Starts Pension Fund Group To Prosecute 'Pay to Play'


Encuentro Hispano – Marroquí sobre Energías Renovables

Una misión de 12 empresas de energía fotovoltaica viaja a California,6558,5518394_5519005_6366453_4258528_-2,00.html

India, China sign climate cooperation deal

Climate cooperation to help ties, Hu tells Obama

Boxer: Climate bill ready

Obama to Give Senate Climate Bill a Push With MIT Speech

Obama Pledges Climate Push After Health Care; Senate Timing in Flux

domingo, 18 de octubre de 2009

Retrofitting and the Middle Class-SAVE or PRODUCE ENERGY???...SOLAR PANELS IN YOUR HOUSE???

Local!!! Assaults on the Global Climate Problem!!!

Local government pensions lose £24bn in asset value

Ageing Europe's pension bill to 'dwarf' crisis debts: EU

Nomination of Harold Craig Becker

NAM-Craig Becker Nomination

Chamber Challenges MoJo to Fact Off And...

Court dismisses??? global warming case against Big Oil

Solar heads to developing world!!!

sábado, 17 de octubre de 2009

Will solar speed up emerging cell phone revolution?!!!

An Isolated Village Finds the Energy to Keep Going

Bringing Low-Cost Solar to the World’s Poor

Solar Power: Siemens, Solel, and the Sahara Desert

California Utility Taps Arizona Solar Project

Solar companies defend ACCOUNTING practices

The road to 60-Signs of bipartisanship on the climate-change bill

Republican Senator Takes Heat for Cooperating on Cap-and-Trade

Multi-industry letter urging the Senate HELPensions!!! Committee to hold a hearing on the President's Nomination of Craig Becker

U.S. Chamber Executive Urges Members to Stay Put Amid 'Activist' Uprising

Defections Expose Chamber's Dirty!!! Little Secrets

viernes, 16 de octubre de 2009

"Let the SUNSHINE In"

SOUTH AFRICA-Renewable energy to grow exponentially in South Africa!!!

SOUTH AFRICA-Feed-in tariff seen as growth stimulus for renewable-energy market

AB 920, Huffman. Solar and wind distributed generation.

SB 32, Negrete McLeod. Renewable electric generation facilities.

Small!!!! Clean-Energy Producers Get a Boost

New Jersey Outshines Most Others in Solar Energy

Cómo almacenar!!! el Sol

Super hub planned to move??? renewable energy

Solar Group’s??? Drilling Stance Spurs Backlash

Austin's clean energy program costing more, selling less???

El Ejército de EEUU encarga una planta solar a Acciona

UN FOUNDATION-It's Getting Personal

A Green Blog Action Day-MORE THAN A BLOG....

El PSOE organiza un encuentro bloguero para buscar en red soluciones contra el cambio climático-MAS QUE UN BLOG...

Blog Action Day 2009-MORE THAN A BLOG......

jueves, 15 de octubre de 2009

Bloggers unite on climate change

Are Green Jobs Good Jobs?!!!!!!

Documentos de trabajo y ponencias del Global Progress Conference

Meeting the Climate Challenge-Core Elements of an Effective Response to Climate Change By Center for American Progress and United Nations Foundation

Cap-and-Trade Would Slow??? Economy, CBO Chief Says

The Economic Effects of Policies to Reduce Greenhouse-Gas Emissions

Full Committee Hearing: to receive testimony on energy and related economic effects of global climate change legislation

miércoles, 14 de octubre de 2009

Top US States For Solar Power

Will solar speed up emerging cell phone revolution?-2.6 billion people have no access to ELECTRICITY!!!...WHAT A HUGE MARKET!!!

Tanzania Suspends Biofuels!!! Investments ( BETTER SOLAR MAYBE ??? )

World Bank Looks to Help??? Developing Nations With Carbon Capture and Storage??? ( BETTER SOLAR !!! )

When the golden years ( ONLY GOLDEN YEARS??? ) include a COMMUTE!!!!-"Some are opting to work into their 70s!!!!!!, 80s!!!!!! and beyond !!!!!!!"

Public Pension Coordinating Council Standards Program !!!

Steep Losses Pose Crisis for Pensions

(Solar)??? Power to the People

Exit Through Lobby

New Obama policy may restrict federal power and boost state, local authority

Una empresa de Villarrobledo construye la planta solar más avanzada del mundo

"A Relationship that Dates Back Centuries"

lunes, 12 de octubre de 2009

( AGEING ??? ) Rising U.S. population makes 2050 climate cut harder

Consumers ( PENSIONERS ??? )Expect to Pay Lower Heating Bills for 2009-2010 Winter ( VIDEO )

Solar thermal company eSolar expands in AFRICA!!!

Green Power Takes Root in the Chinese DESERT!!!

The China Greentech Report 2009

China Drives Asia’s 58% Increase in Clean-Energy Spending

China Builds High Wall??? to Guard Energy Industry

Yes We Can (Pass Climate Change Legislation)

Uphill climb to 60 votes on climate bill

Derivatives Lobby Links With New Democrats to Blunt Obama Plan ( STORY and VIDEOS )

Shareholder Power ( VIDEO )

No End to Family Feud for U.S. Chamber

Firms Start to See Climate Change as Barrier to Profit!!

Charging Capitol Hill for Climate Change-With John Doerr, Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers!!! ( VIDEO )

Soros aims to invest $1 bln in green tech

Israelis!!! bring green power to West Bank village

Africa wants polluters to pay for climate change

sábado, 10 de octubre de 2009


SOUTH AFRICA-Eskom eyes solar!!! power, gas from coal

SOUTH AFRICA-Clinton Climate Initiative assessing possibility of SA solar park

SOUTH AFRICA-Energy Minister to unveil SWH framework next month

Out of Africa: New Concentrating-Solar Tech Inspired by Congo Stint

AUSTRALIA-Oversubscribed solar panel scheme to cost taxpayers $440m,25197,26180700-11949,00.html

Could patents bring solar power companies more revenue???

Eight innovative solar projects!!!

2nd Circuit Reinstates Controversial Environmental Lawsuits

US CHAMBER-Tom Donohue on Climate Change ( VIDEO )

Defiant Chamber Chief Says ‘Bring ’Em On’

Is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce the “Voice of Business” on Environmental Issues? ( VIDEOS )

Utilities Divided as Exelon Quits Chamber Over Climate Change

Both Sides Now: Inside the Chamber of Commerce Debate