viernes, 30 de marzo de 2012

President Obama Speaks on American Energy ( VIDEO )

President Obama Discusses Solar Power in Nevada

Students Present Ideas for Better Buildings

Energy Performance Upgrades Offer Savings, Jobs, and are Self-Funded

Weekly Address: Investing in a Clean Energy Future ( VIDEO )

Repeal Big Oil Tax Subsidies Act

PACE-Senator Michael Bennett and multiple other U.S. Senators

Weekly Address: Ending Subsidies for Big Oil Companies ( VIDEO )

Weekly Address: Taking Control of Our Energy Future ( VIDEO )

PACE-Rep. Nan Hayworth and multiple other members of Congress

Green Button Giving Millions of Americans Better Handle on Energy Costs

Mortgage Assets Affected by (Property Assessed Clean Energy) PACE Programs

Statements of Support for Green Button Initiative

New Industry Commitments to Give 15 Million Households Tools to Shrink Their Energy Bills

Congresswoman Matsui Joins Colleagues in Introducing PACE Legislation to Support State, Local Programs

Congress Tells Fannie and Freddie to Support Clean Energy Programs,39&itemid=825

A Clean Energy Standard for America

PACE Assessment Protection Act of 2011

WHITEHOUSE-Policy Framework for PACE Financing Programs